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Best Indian Mosaic Sandstone & Tiles Exporter – Earthstones

Best Indian Mosaic Sandstone & Tiles Exporter – Earthstones 30

Mosaic tiles have been a great decorative material for centuries throughout ancient cities like Egypt, Rome, Greece, and Turkey.

Mosaic sandstone is nothing but the visual element in the form of mural or pattern that enhances texture, movement, and drama to the domestic architecture. If you want to see where you can use mosaic tiles in your living space, it is easy to see them inside your floors, kitchen, bathroom, and walls. When it comes to buying such murals and mosaic tile designs, it is quite easy to make a purchase as tiles are available in all parts of the world.

Earthstones is the biggest name in Sandstone mosaic suppliers in India. We supply all kinds of Sandstone Slabs, Sandstone Tiles, Sandstone Floor Tiles, Sandstone Wall Tiles, Sandstone Cobbles Setts, Sandstone Pavers (Riven Pavers), Sandstone Circle Kits, Sandstone Patio Kits, Sandstone Paving Slabs, Sandstone Walling Bricks, Sandstone Garden Artifacts.

Sandstone Mosaic is actually an art of creating images with small pieces of colored stone, glass and other materials. Small pieces of glass or stones of different colors are used to create a picture or a pattern.

We are the largest Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Top Quality NATURAL STONE from India. Providing Sandstone, Sand Stone, Natural Sandstone, Sandstone Pavers, Sandstone Pool Paving, Sandstone Pool Coping, Sandstone Walling, Sandstone Flooring, Sandstone Tiles, Sandstone Pavings, Sandstone Garden Ornaments as buildings and construction stones to globally.

Mosaic tiles everywhere at your home

The versatile nature, the efficient energy efficiently, and cheap maintenance cost are some of the prime reasons why one should add mosaic tiles into their home décor. Gone are the days when tiles were used in homes owned by riches. Now, tiles are cheap and can be bought by anyone to give a new appeal and aesthetic elements to all living spaces around. Now, the interesting question is where you can use superb mosaic tiles at your home. In the form of natural stones, tiles are multipurpose. Mentioned-below are some of the spaces where you can use mosaic tiles for embellishing your home.

These include:

  • Kitchen – Countertop and backsplash design
  • Living Room – Half or entire walls
  • Flooring – Pathways, bathroom floors, living room floors or the backyard
  • Shower – Bathroom walls
  • Sink – Basin in your bathroom or dining area
  • Seats – Garden seats
  • Bathroom – Spectacular wall-décor and around the mirror or cabinet
  • Planters – mosaic planters


Why Earthstones for Sandstone mosaic?

We believe in a long-term relationship with our customers and we are always available to help in the selection of the right material at the most competitive prices. We give complete peace of mind by taking care of aspects like quality control, timely deliveries, fast and friendly communications, assistance while shipments and immediate responses. By providing best quality Indian sandstones, today we are well known as the most trusted amongst the biggest sandstone mosaic suppliers from India.

Earthstones is a manufacturer and exporter of best quality sandstone mosaic tiles in India. We are exporters of stone mosaic tiles in variety of natural stone colors, shapes, sizes, finishes, patterns and usages to meet all your possible needs. We have always been offering the high quality mosaic tiles to our customers. We are very much professional and we are on the way!

Benefits of buying wall mosaic tiles manufacturer from Earthstones:

  1. Only the best quality natural sandstone mosaic tiles exporting worldwide.
  2. We have with us the trendy & creative patterns as well as dedication to produce for our customers.
  3. We have 27 years' experience in the stone mosaic industry.
  4. Each mosaic tile we produce strictly follow the international standard, we have experienced & highly paid professional QC to check the quality before delivery.
  5. Affordable prices.