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Best Indian Natural Stone Suppliers - Earthstones

Best Indian Natural Stone Suppliers - Earthstones 27

Natural stone as the name suggests is a gift of Mother Nature to mankind. It is a natural creation of nature that takes millions of years to create natural stone. There are many factors that affect the ultimate graining and coloration of natural stone. They may be underground springs, mineral deposits, earth shifts, temperature, natural solutions in the earth, and the pressure exerted on these elements over time. There is no way to duplicate these factors in a laboratory or manufacturing environment. Because of the vast differences in the conditions that created the stone, every block extracted from the earth is different. The hand of man plays no role in the process even after the stone has been extracted from the quarry, except for cutting and polishing which eventually brings out all the uniqueness and natural beauty.

Earthstones is the prime name in Indian Natural Stone Suppliers and one of the largest producers of Natural Stone Range in India.

Earthstone is well known and valued brand in India and in Abroad. It was established in 1992 and for the last 27 years, Earthstone has been meeting the specific demands of restaurants, rooftop gardens, farmhouses, traditional homes and hotels.

Our main markets are Germany, united kingdom, Spain, Thailand, united states, Ecuador, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Mexico, Estonia, Indonesia, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Lebanon, Mauritius, Turkey, Argentina, France, Romania, Belarus, Chile, Iran, Russia, Colombia, Oman, Venezuela, China, Kuwait, Canada, Lithuania, Philippines, Portugal, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, Japan, Jordan, Sweden, Bulgaria, Egypt, Finland, United states, etc.

We have advanced stone processing machines and experienced workers to produce Natural Stone at our Stone factory in Rajasthan.

At Earthstones you find a replica of the finest stone craft drawn from the fusion of Indo-Mughal art and architecture, as well as modern products for architectural, and interior and exterior design purposes done by master craftsmen and skilled carvers, who have descended from the proud dynasty of artisans responsible for the fascinating stone and craftwork at TajMahal. The company operates in Jaipur, Rajasthan(India), and Chennai to cover a full range of North and South Indian products Our natural stone manufacturing facilities at Jaipur and Chennai, Indian as well as imported, in Jaipur.

Our Natural Paving Stone range is available in different styles, vivacious colors, and innumerable variations which is the reason our range has gained popularity and we are able to serve high profile clients all over.

Buying marble from India promises an edge

There are lots of Natural Stone suppliers and manufacturers in all parts of the world. The thing that makes Indian Natural Stone different from other Natural Stones in the rest of the world is competitive prices and rare products. From North to South India, there is no dearth of Natural Stone dealers, wholesalers, and exporters who are ready to cater to all needs. Following are the reasons why natural stone from Indian offers an edge to buyers:

  • A cost-effective choice with a variety of textures and colors
  • An age-old Indian Natural stone industry
  • Competitive prices and lower costs
  • Different quality levels: standard, commercial and premium

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