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Best Wood Polymer Composite Wall Cladding Dealer – Earthstones

Best Wood Polymer Composite Wall Cladding Dealer – Earthstones 30

WPC Wood Polymer Composite Wall Cladding is today a popular choice of material, thanks to its inherent characteristics of natural wood aesthetics combined with the tenacity to endure harsh outdoor conditions. Earthstones is a pioneer in WPC with a vision to lead the industry and continually set benchmarks with uncompromised quality and unmatched product features. 'No compromises', is our ethos, and that's how we offer superlative products to stay well ahead of the competition. Earthstones has grown based on a philosophy of product innovation and the ability to offer a range of profiles that complement design development for multiple applications. We take great pride in helping you choose Earthstones as an alternative of genuine value, from the usual choices to create lasting beautiful outdoor spaces.

Earthstones WPC Wall Cladding offers the ultimate wall cladding solutions, with a natural look and feel of wood maintaining the flexibility and durability of wood-plastic composites. The resulting low-maintenance wall panels are water-resistant, rot proof, and splinter-free, yet elegantly natural and will give instant beauty and warmth to your home.

Earthstones cladding composites cladding is an ever increasingly popular choice for finishing the outside of the commercial and domestic buildings. We lend a distinct impression on facades. Highly resistant to fading or discoloration, buildings will look new for years, without the hassles of periodic maintenance. Earthstones cladding blends perfectly with other materials in contemporary or futuristic design, unboxing a whole new world of possibilities.

Features of Wood Polymer Composite Wall Cladding

  • Natural Grained Texture
  • No Surface Coating
  • Concealed Fixtures
  • Hollow Core
  • Hide & Interlock


Advantages of using WPC Wall Cladding

  1. WPC Wall Cladding is a perfect solution to safeguard your home from the natural harming elements. In this, individual pieces of WPC panels are installed and all together they enhance the overall appearance of your home.
  2. Ease of Installation – When compared to other wall claddings, WPC Wall cladding is light weighted and can be easily installed effectively.
  3. Durable – WPC Wall Cladding is highly durable. These last for several years. Also, its impact resistance feature protects the home from immediate damages.
  4. Energy Efficient – WPC Claddings have high insulation property. It plays a prominent role in energy conservation.
  5. Versatile – WPC Wall Cladding is available in different designs as these can be trimmed in any size and shape. They also come in various patterns.
  6. Environmentally Friendly – WPC are naturally renewable resources. It contains minimum amount of non-renewable materials when compared to other materials.